How to Become a Better Developer (Tips and Skills)

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Becoming a Better Developer

Becoming a developer and working always with code, bugs and deadlines can be frightening at first but as you move along you will discover new ways of loving your job and how you improve yourself along this long road, so you always should look for tips and skills to master for becoming a better developer things you should constantly do every day in your life as a developer to get better at what you do.

DISCLAIMER: Those are my own tips and thoughts that I have experienced through my carrer, of course this could be different for you but overall they could be benifitial somehow.

1- Creating Projects

Creating many projects from simple to complex Starting with simple and easy to accomplish the project is much better than trying to finish a complex project

2- Planning matters

Before starting a new project you can start by planing your way in you simply use unified modelling language or UML for creating a different diagram from use cases to classes and states.

3- Improve & Enhance your code

Always look for ways to improve your code even though it is working and doing its job perfectly you still need to find better ways to implement specific functionalities on your codebase. it helps to better find hidden bugs and improve performance.

4- Always test your code

Code testing is a very important technique to learn as it allows you to easily identify bugs and problems concerning your implementation and quickly fix them before deployment. this becomes crucial when trying to release updates for your software.

5- Stackoverflow is your home

Don’t be frightened of asking questions, if you don’t find your desired answer at StackOverflow try posting it a lot of people attend to help. Also, you can play the role of the master and look for questions concerning your beloved framework or library you will get better by helping other developers.

6- Contribute to Open-Source

Look for different open-source projects your interested in and try to land your first pull-request. reading and understand other developers’ code can help a lot improving your skills and abilities to write better code.

7- Find a Team

There are big differences between working as a single developer and working collaboratively as a team. teamwork gives you the opportunity to learn different aspects of how to code not for your self but for others since your code will be maintained not only by you but by the whole team.

8- Enjoy Coding

In business, there’s no such thing as a technology for technology’s sake. But as a programmer, there is definitely a time and a place where coding should simply be about geeking out on tricks and experiments. Your gift of programming is not just for helping others get things done, it’s for your own enjoyment as well!

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