PHP VS Node.js Which is Best For Web Development

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Usually, whenever Web Developers are starting a new Project they would look for a web technology and a programming language to use for there target application and the most common two languages nowadays are PHP and Node.js (Node.js is a Development Environment), in this guide we will cover the major differences between both of them and where you should use one over the other depending for your case.

PHP Quick Overview

PHP is a Server Side Scripting Language Created Specifically for the web and widely used for almost any website or web app besides all of that it is easy to use, usually used for building basic blogs and WordPress sites.

Node.js Quick Overview

Node.js is a Development Environment uses Javascript, very flexible and Modern, created for improving web apps and allowing more choices than PHP, Quickly Growing. (Modern Apps Development)

Let’s take a look at the differences between both of these languages (Dev Environment)



  • Light Weight Scripting Language

  • HTML Embedded and Web Specific

  • SQL Databases

  • Frameworks and CMS (Wordpress, Drupal…)

  • Portable Solution (Works On any Web Server)

  • Easy to Deploy (OnClick Deployment)


  • Outdated, since we are in 2018

  • Overwhelming HTML Embedded Code (Most of the Time)

  • Not Ready For Browser Apps

  • Initialize App On Each Request (Slow Response)



  • Allows you to creates Full Advanced Apps

  • Gives you a large set of Modules

  • JSON Based (MongoDB, PostgreSQL)

  • Express Server, Advanced Request Handling

  • Package Managers (NPM, YARN)

  • Best for Front-End Apps (Optimized)

  • Asynchronous and Event-Based


  • Not For CPU Intensive Apps

  • Dependency Management and Modules (Overwhelming)

Well, What Should I Go For?

if this question still in your head and you still trying to figure out how and why to choose one over the other, here is my opinion about that and how to choose for wisely among them:

if you are trying to be a modern apps developer and want to make enjoyable apps I would advise to go with Node.js since it gives more choices to work with as well as since Node’s uses Javascript this going to make your life easier (Front-End and Back-End).

However, if you want to make quickly develop lightweight websites or web apps using one of the famous CMS (Wordpress, Joomla) for clients and sell small projects online or works as a freelance, PHP will take the lead on this since it is very easy to get started with as well as it is in very high demand for projects as a freelance besides it has a lot of MVC Frameworks that are going to make the day for you.

In My Opinion, I Would suggest earning Node.js since it is going to be the next big thing.

And Most Importantly, Enjoy Coding.

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