PHP .vs Python Which One is Best For Development and Learning

Video Tutorial

Make sure to watch the Comparison Video for more in-depth guide otherwise you can find the slide used on this video Here.


PHP Is a powerful language specifically designed for Web Development, in general, it’s fast, easy to learn and resourceful, used by big companies and teams for building their websites, platforms and even social networks (Facebook…).


Python is General Purpose Language used for Web Development, Data Science, and Common Software Creation, easy to get started with and fast to learn, Data Analytics has been playing a major role where python is being used cause of the rise of Big Data Technologies and Blockchains (CryptoCurrencies).

is PHP Dying? 

A lot of people are asking whether PHP is going to die in the next Few years or No, and the honest answer for this particular question is from someone on Quora “ Is that you are most likely going to die before PHP gets even close to a dying edge.” since the whole web is built on PHP.

So if you are using it as a reason for not to learn PHP, I would suggest you go right now and start learning it cause there is nothing going to stop PHP or even kill it.

What to Choose

So if you still can’t quietly find out which one to go for here is my opinion and recommendation for you based on your case, what you need to do with it and what you already know.

  • If you are already familiar with programming in general and you want to start with Web Development and Create Basic Websites and Application go with PHP.

  • You are new to Computer Science and Programming in General but you want to become a Web Developer and learn the basics go with PHP.

  • You want to become a Software Engineer which can create different apps for different platforms and still attending to work for Web Sites and Web Apps Go With Python.

  • Interested in Machine Learning and/or Data Analytics and want to become Web Developer by creating Multi-purpose Applications go with Python.

So this was my personal opinion about which languages to learn depending on the case and the scenario you are currently on.

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