The Art behind React

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What I do?

As a Techy guy and a self-learner, I've been always looking up to the stars always trying to learn new things day by day Even before starting my studies for the Computer Science Degree I had been teaching myself different technologies, paradigms, and skills and that led me to work with awesome technologies one of them is React.

Why React?

The day I had chosen to move from JQuery and start learning React I had felt a different kind of energy that pretty much gives you superpowers when it comes to creating butter-smooth UI components with maintainable code in mind. and become more creative with what you can do and that because of its view only layer that lets you do only one thing and do it right especially with the Great eco-system it has from different open-source libraries it makes more sense why I enjoy working with it as well many other developers.

As time goes I spent much time with React creating different projects from simple weather apps to full e-commerce stores built from the ground up with custom dashboards all started with the Great simplicity and power of React. As I'm a self-learner and I like to help others I had decided to start my own youtube channel for sharing that knowledge through easy to understand straight to point video tutorials and open-source projects.

Coderone is my youtube channel where I share mostly what I learned through my years of experience as a Full Stack software engineer from React, Node.js, Angular, Programming strategies and mindsets, and overall how to improve as a developer with video tutorials and written tutorials on my blog.

I had learned a lot from putting tutorials together and always looking for new ideas and perfect applications to create with simpler code to write for the community to easily understand and work with especially with Tutorials about React and its ecosystem used backed up with servers built with Node.js and Express.

How React Save My Day?

save my day.gif

Before using React I was more of a vanilla Js, Angular, and JQuery guy worked on a lot of projects using javascript always trying to master the pieces and improve the performance but It has always been a double-edged sword with great flexibility comes huge responsibility, till I head over to react and started using it for my own side project and that felt amazing as a first impression. A UI library that has no HTTP, nor cares about your dependencies and it does one thing and does it right that made me immediately realize it is worth the jump and time, after a couple of weeks of learning and testing React I started working with it on Real-World projects It feels much nicer than Angular (for me at least). I've been more motivated to work and explore more with React than with Vanilla Js. So overall here is what I find most appealing about it:

  • JSX Makes code looks 10 times more readable than HTML templates.
  • Small Functional Components make you re-use code more often.
  • React State management is great, explicit, and fast.
  • Performant Rendering thanks to the reconciliation and the Virtual DOM.

Projects I created using React

  • Weteeit : E-commerce Swag store w/ Admin Dashboard (React and Node.js)
  • ButterflyEditor : Full WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor based (React and Draft.js).
  • Desktop Chat App : Fully integrated Desktop Chat Application (React, Electron, Node.js).

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