Top 05 Visual Studio Code Extensions You Should Have

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Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is becoming more popular especially lately alongside the new updates and the amount of the cool extensions that makes it even better.

Consider Installing the extensions on the list below whenever you first install visual studio code on your machine.

If you haven’t used Visual Studio Code Yet well, you should go ahead and download it from Here, Also Make sure to check out the video about Visual Studio Extensions Setup For Web Developers On this Tuto.

Top 05 Extensions

This Extensions List is my pick, this what I personally like using the most on my day of the life as a Developer/Coder.

Prettier Code Formater / ESlint (ECMAScript Linter) (Works Together) Turn you bad written code into more organized and easier to understand javascript code, using it alongside ESLint allow you to quickly discover flows and problems on your code.

Indent Rainbow Gives your code a colorful power, easier code to read and to fix, (Python Developers Should Have this One).

Dash Docs The Best Extension you should consider installing, allow you to check your favorite extensions’ documentation offline on the go while writing code on VSCode you can directly jump into the Docs of the Current Working Language and grab what you need. Windows and Linux Through Zeal (Free), Mac Users needs to purchase a DASH License.

Live Server Live Browser Sync while you focus on creating your web pages (HTML/CSS) Reload the browser automatically for you on new changes.

Path Intellisense Very elegant file paths guides show you where to find the file you are looking for (very helpful for web developers)

For Those Of you who enjoy coding when listening to Music using Spotify this extension is for you (Optional!)

Spotify VSCode

Consider Giving any other suggestions about other extensions that you have enjoyed using or you think it should be included in the list.

Why do I like using VSCode over other editors?

Well, I started with Atom and Sublime at first but later I met with visual studio code and we fell in love.

More reasonable reasons: Fast, Does the Job Quickly and Large set of very useful extensions.

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